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Since 2017 we've honed our craft in the caregiver market helping many individuals get the highest quality edibles. Now we are bringing our passion to the masses, with the same goal of delivering the highest quality edibles and customer service. Officially launched in 2021, We are a small team who's obsessed about cannabis and about you. If you have any questions/ feedback for us please text/call (586) 372-8089.

Why Try us?

To us quality doesn't mean just the product.. It means the entire experience from the minute you lock eyes with our product to the moment you try it. Everything has been designed to put you first and we will always do that.

If you ever have a bad experience with our product, we will refund you for your purchase. Send an email to or text (586) 372-8089. Please include the following in your text/email: Picture of receipt, a brief explanation of why you'd like a refund and the best way to refund you (PayPal, Zelle, CashApp, Venmo or Check). We strive to provide the best customer experience to those who try our products. We always welcome feedback and want to make sure you have a great experience interacting with our products.

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